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Busath lab

Research Area

The Busath Lab focuses on two research projects, described in the next tab: Influenza Antiviral Development and Chronic Pain Mechanism and Alleviation. As a career biophysicist, Dr. Busath has, in past years, explored the origins of selectivity in rudimentary ion channels such as gramicidin, examined the protein channel function of botulinum toxin heavy chain, evaluated the role of general anesthetic and NSAID interaction with lipid monolayers and bilayers, and assessed proton transport through influenza A M2 channels. The two current research projects are natural outgrowths with broad missions. In the Influenza Anti-viral project, we hope to help protect the world against a pandemic arising from bird flu by developing inescapable blockers to the influenza proton channel. In the Chronic Pain project we hope to ascertain, with the help of brain imaging, the mechanism by which transcutaneous electrical stimulation can alleviate neuropathic pain to help lay the scientific foundation for drug-free relief of unnecessary chronic pai


Institution: Brigham Young University

Busath Lab
Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

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