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Davies Lab

Research Interests

The Big Question: How do complex biological forms develop from simple beginnings?

Research Area

The interdisciplinary approach of the lab addresses that question through a variety of approaches; *Developmental studies of mammalian organs growing in organ culture: this uses a variety of techniques ranging from classical 'cut-and-paste' embryology to advanced molecular biological methods *Tissue engineering of organ rudiments from stem cells *Bioinformatics: in particular, we host the Editorial Office of the GUDMAP database of urogenital development - *Computer modelling *Synthetic morphology The lab also has a strong interest in developing alternatives to in-vivo testing.

Current Members

Davies, Jamie (Principal Investigator/Director)

Additional Information

Hosts the The Kidney Development Database:


Institution: University of Edinburgh

Centre for Integrative Physiology
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Web Page: