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Hörmanseder Lab

Research Interests

Epigentic Memory, Reprogramming and Cell Fate

Research Area

We combine somatic cell nuclear transfer to Xenopus eggs with innovative multi-omics to study how a cell can remember its identity in order to erase its memory. In mammals, epigenetic reprogramming, the acquisition and loss of totipotency, and the first cell fate decision all occur within a three-day window after fertilization of the oocyte by the sperm. Molecularly, these processes are poorly understood, yet this knowledge is an essential prerequisite to uncover principles of stem cells, chromatin biology, and thus regenerative medicine.

Current Members

Hörmanseder, Eva B (Principal Investigator/Director)


Additional Information

Our Research Topics: - Epigenetic Memory - Reprogramming to Totipotency - Barriers to Cell Fate Changes Visit our website for more information!


Institution: Helmholtz Munich

Helmholtz Centre
IEB:Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells

Web Page: