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Visual and functional demonstration of growing Bax-induced pores in mitochondrial outer membranes., Gillies LA, Du H, Peters B, Knudson CM, Newmeyer DD, Kuwana T., Mol Biol Cell. January 15, 2015; 26 (2): 339-49.          

Bid, Bax, and lipids cooperate to form supramolecular openings in the outer mitochondrial membrane., Kuwana T, Mackey MR, Perkins G, Ellisman MH, Latterich M, Schneiter R, Green DR, Newmeyer DD., Cell. November 1, 2002; 111 (3): 331-42.

A cytochrome c mutant with high electron transfer and antioxidant activities but devoid of apoptogenic effect., Abdullaev ZKh, Bodrova ME, Chernyak BV, Dolgikh DA, Kluck RM, Pereverzev MO, Arseniev AS, Efremov RG, Kirpichnikov MP, Mokhova EN, Newmeyer DD, Roder H, Skulachev VP., Biochem J. March 15, 2002; 362 (Pt 3): 749-54.

Preservation of mitochondrial structure and function after Bid- or Bax-mediated cytochrome c release., von Ahsen O, Renken C, Perkins G, Kluck RM, Bossy-Wetzel E, Newmeyer DD., J Cell Biol. September 4, 2000; 150 (5): 1027-36.                  

Determinants of cytochrome c pro-apoptotic activity. The role of lysine 72 trimethylation., Kluck RM, Ellerby LM, Ellerby HM, Naiem S, Yaffe MP, Margoliash E, Bredesen D, Mauk AG, Sherman F, Newmeyer DD., J Biol Chem. May 26, 2000; 275 (21): 16127-33.

Bcl-xL does not inhibit the function of Apaf-1., Newmeyer DD, Bossy-Wetzel E, Kluck RM, Wolf BB, Beere HM, Green DR., Cell Death Differ. April 1, 2000; 7 (4): 402-7.

Cell-free apoptosis in Xenopus laevis egg extracts., von Ahsen O, Newmeyer DD., Methods Enzymol. January 1, 2000; 322 183-98.

The pro-apoptotic proteins, Bid and Bax, cause a limited permeabilization of the mitochondrial outer membrane that is enhanced by cytosol., Kluck RM, Esposti MD, Perkins G, Renken C, Kuwana T, Bossy-Wetzel E, Goldberg M, Allen T, Barber MJ, Green DR, Newmeyer DD., J Cell Biol. November 15, 1999; 147 (4): 809-22.                    

Apoptosis induction by caspase-8 is amplified through the mitochondrial release of cytochrome c., Kuwana T, Smith JJ, Muzio M, Dixit V, Newmeyer DD, Kornbluth S., J Biol Chem. June 26, 1998; 273 (26): 16589-94.

Reaper-induced apoptosis in a vertebrate system., Evans EK, Kuwana T, Strum SL, Smith JJ, Newmeyer DD, Kornbluth S., EMBO J. December 15, 1997; 16 (24): 7372-81.

Cytochrome c activation of CPP32-like proteolysis plays a critical role in a Xenopus cell-free apoptosis system., Kluck RM, Martin SJ, Hoffman BM, Zhou JS, Green DR, Newmeyer DD., EMBO J. August 1, 1997; 16 (15): 4639-49.

Temporal phases in apoptosis defined by the actions of Src homology 2 domains, ceramide, Bcl-2, interleukin-1beta converting enzyme family proteases, and a dense membrane fraction., Farschon DM, Couture C, Mustelin T, Newmeyer DD., J Cell Biol. June 2, 1997; 137 (5): 1117-25.                    

The release of cytochrome c from mitochondria: a primary site for Bcl-2 regulation of apoptosis., Kluck RM, Bossy-Wetzel E, Green DR, Newmeyer DD., Science. February 21, 1997; 275 (5303): 1132-6.

Cell-free apoptosis in Xenopus egg extracts: inhibition by Bcl-2 and requirement for an organelle fraction enriched in mitochondria., Newmeyer DD, Farschon DM, Reed JC., Cell. October 21, 1994; 79 (2): 353-64.

Egg extracts for nuclear import and nuclear assembly reactions., Newmeyer DD, Wilson KL., Methods Cell Biol. January 1, 1991; 36 607-34.

An N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive cytosolic factor necessary for nuclear protein import: requirement in signal-mediated binding to the nuclear pore., Newmeyer DD, Forbes DJ., J Cell Biol. March 1, 1990; 110 (3): 547-57.

Nuclear transport in vitro., Finlay DR, Newmeyer DD, Hartl PM, Horecka J, Forbes DJ., J Cell Sci Suppl. January 1, 1989; 11 225-42.

Nuclear import can be separated into distinct steps in vitro: nuclear pore binding and translocation., Newmeyer DD, Forbes DJ., Cell. March 11, 1988; 52 (5): 641-53.

Cloning of nucleoplasmin from Xenopus laevis oocytes and analysis of its developmental expression., Bürglin TR, Mattaj IW, Newmeyer DD, Zeller R, De Robertis EM., Genes Dev. March 1, 1987; 1 (1): 97-107.                

Inhibition of in vitro nuclear transport by a lectin that binds to nuclear pores., Finlay DR, Newmeyer DD, Price TM, Forbes DJ., J Cell Biol. February 1, 1987; 104 (2): 189-200.

In vitro transport of a fluorescent nuclear protein and exclusion of non-nuclear proteins., Newmeyer DD, Finlay DR, Forbes DJ., J Cell Biol. December 1, 1986; 103 (6 Pt 1): 2091-102.

Assembly in vitro of nuclei active in nuclear protein transport: ATP is required for nucleoplasmin accumulation., Newmeyer DD, Lucocq JM, Bürglin TR, De Robertis EM., EMBO J. March 1, 1986; 5 (3): 501-10.

Small nuclear U-ribonucleoproteins in Xenopus laevis development. Uncoupled accumulation of the protein and RNA components., Fritz A, Parisot R, Newmeyer D, De Robertis EM., J Mol Biol. September 15, 1984; 178 (2): 273-85.

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