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Collective chemotaxis requires contact-dependent cell polarity., Theveneau E, Marchant L, Kuriyama S, Gull M, Moepps B, Parsons M, Mayor R., Dev Cell. July 20, 2010; 19 (1): 39-53.                

A new role for the Endothelin-1/Endothelin-A receptor signaling during early neural crest specification., Bonano M, Tríbulo C, De Calisto J, Marchant L, Sánchez SS, Mayor R, Aybar MJ., Dev Biol. November 1, 2008; 323 (1): 114-29.                          

Directional migration of neural crest cells in vivo is regulated by Syndecan-4/Rac1 and non-canonical Wnt signaling/RhoA., Matthews HK, Marchant L, Carmona-Fontaine C, Kuriyama S, Larraín J, Holt MR, Parsons M, Mayor R., Development. May 1, 2008; 135 (10): 1771-80.                    

Essential role of non-canonical Wnt signalling in neural crest migration., De Calisto J, Araya C, Marchant L, Riaz CF, Mayor R., Development. June 1, 2005; 132 (11): 2587-97.              

The inductive properties of mesoderm suggest that the neural crest cells are specified by a BMP gradient., Marchant L, Linker C, Ruiz P, Guerrero N, Mayor R., Dev Biol. June 15, 1998; 198 (2): 319-29.

Inhibition of mesoderm formation by follistatin., Marchant L, Linker C, Mayor R., Dev Genes Evol. May 1, 1998; 208 (3): 157-60.

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