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Anatomy Term: olfactory placode
XAO ID: 0000005
Synonyms: nasal placode
Definition: "A thick plate of cells derived from the neural ectoderm in the head region of the embryo that develops into the olfactory epithelium of the nasal cavity."
Stage Range: NF stage 20 to NF stage 42
Develops From:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
anterior neural ridge NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 22
anterior placodal area NF stage 11.5 to NF stage 32
epidermis inner layer NF stage 20 to death
sensorial layer NF stage 10 to NF stage 66
Develops Into:
Anatomy Item Stage Range
choana NF stage 43 to death
olfactory nerve NF stage 32 to death
olfactory organ NF stage 37 and 38 to death
olfactory pit NF stage 29 and 30 to NF stage 50
Parent(s): anterior neural ridge, anterior placodal area, epidermis inner layer, sensorial layer


Parent(s): neurogenic placode (is_a) olfactory system (part_of)


References: Ontology Lookup Service , XB ANATOMY ONTOLOGY