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Ouro proteins are not essential to tail regression during Xenopus tropicalis metamorphosis., Nakai Y, Nakajima K, Robert J, Robert J, Yaoita Y., Genes Cells. March 1, 2016; 21 (3): 275-86.          

Astrocytes phagocytose focal dystrophies from shortening myelin segments in the optic nerve of Xenopus laevis at metamorphosis., Mills EA, Davis CH, Bushong EA, Boassa D, Kim KY, Ellisman MH, Marsh-Armstrong N., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 18, 2015; 112 (33): 10509-14.                                          

A requirement for hedgehog signaling in thyroid hormone-induced postembryonic intestinal remodeling., Wen L, Hasebe T, Miller TC, Ishizuya-Oka A, Shi YB., Cell Biosci. March 24, 2015; 5 13.            

Molecular and cytological analyses reveal distinct transformations of intestinal epithelial cells during Xenopus metamorphosis., Okada M, Wen L, Miller TC, Su D, Shi YB., Cell Biosci. March 24, 2015; 5 74.                                

Epigenetic regulation of thyroid hormone-induced adult intestinal stem cell development during anuran metamorphosis., Sun G, Fu L, Shi YB., Cell Biosci. November 28, 2014; 4 73.      

Thyroid hormone-regulated Wnt5a/Ror2 signaling is essential for dedifferentiation of larval epithelial cells into adult stem cells in the Xenopus laevis intestine., Ishizuya-Oka A, Kajita M, Hasebe T., PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (9): e107611.                            

The structure and development of Xenopus laevis cornea., Hu W, Haamedi N, Lee J, Kinoshita T, Ohnuma S., Exp Eye Res. November 1, 2013; 116 109-28.                            

Chemical activation of RARβ induces post-embryonically bilateral limb duplication during Xenopus limb regeneration., Cuervo R, Chimal-Monroy J., Sci Rep. January 1, 2013; 3 1886.      

Thyroid hormone-induced sonic hedgehog signal up-regulates its own pathway in a paracrine manner in the Xenopus laevis intestine during metamorphosis., Hasebe T, Kajita M, Fu L, Shi YB, Ishizuya-Oka A., Dev Dyn. February 1, 2012; 241 (2): 403-14.        

Thyroid hormone regulation of adult intestinal stem cell development: mechanisms and evolutionary conservations., Sun G, Shi YB., Int J Biol Sci. January 1, 2012; 8 (8): 1217-24.      

Thyroid disruption effects of environmental level perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS) in Xenopus laevis., Cheng Y, Cui Y, Chen HM, Xie WP., Ecotoxicology. November 1, 2011; 20 (8): 2069-78.

Atrazine exposure affects growth, body condition and liver health in Xenopus laevis tadpoles., Zaya RM, Amini Z, Whitaker AS, Kohler SL, Ide CF., Aquat Toxicol. August 1, 2011; 104 (3-4): 243-53.

Thyroid disruption by technical decabromodiphenyl ether (DE-83R) at low concentrations in Xenopus laevis., Qin X, Xia X, Yang Z, Yan S, Zhao Y, Wei R, Li Y, Tian M, Zhao X, Qin Z, Xu X., J Environ Sci (China). January 1, 2010; 22 (5): 744-51.

The keratin-related Ouroboros proteins function as immune antigens mediating tail regression in Xenopus metamorphosis., Mukaigasa K, Hanasaki A, Maéno M, Fujii H, Hayashida S, Itoh M, Kobayashi M, Tochinai S, Hatta M, Iwabuchi K, Taira M, Onoé K, Izutsu Y., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. October 27, 2009; 106 (43): 18309-14.      

Differential regulation of cell type-specific apoptosis by stromelysin-3: a potential mechanism via the cleavage of the laminin receptor during tail resorption in Xenopus laevis., Mathew S, Fu L, Fiorentino M, Matsuda H, Das B, Shi YB., J Biol Chem. July 3, 2009; 284 (27): 18545-56.                  

Thyroid hormone-up-regulated hedgehog interacting protein is involved in larval-to-adult intestinal remodeling by regulating sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in Xenopus laevis., Hasebe T, Kajita M, Shi YB, Ishizuya-Oka A., Dev Dyn. October 1, 2008; 237 (10): 3006-15.    

An aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor from Xenopus laevis: function, expression, and role in dioxin responsiveness during frog development., Zimmermann AL, King EA, Dengler E, Scogin SR, Powell WH., Toxicol Sci. July 1, 2008; 104 (1): 124-34.

A role for basic transcription element-binding protein 1 (BTEB1) in the autoinduction of thyroid hormone receptor beta., Bagamasbad P, Howdeshell KL, Sachs LM, Demeneix BA, Denver RJ., J Biol Chem. January 25, 2008; 283 (4): 2275-85.              

Regulation of adult intestinal epithelial stem cell development by thyroid hormone during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Ishizuya-Oka A, Shi YB., Dev Dyn. December 1, 2007; 236 (12): 3358-68.            

Membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 RNA levels mimic each other during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Walsh LA, Carere DA, Cooper CA, Damjanovski S., PLoS One. October 3, 2007; 2 (10): e1000.          

Expression profiles of the duplicated matrix metalloproteinase-9 genes suggest their different roles in apoptosis of larval intestinal epithelial cells during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Hasebe T, Kajita M, Fujimoto K, Yaoita Y, Ishizuya-Oka A., Dev Dyn. August 1, 2007; 236 (8): 2338-45.  

Characterization of histone lysine-specific demethylase in relation to thyroid hormone-regulated anuran metamorphosis., Chen W, Obara M, Ishida Y, Suzuki K, Yoshizato K., Dev Growth Differ. May 1, 2007; 49 (4): 325-34.          

Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases and ECM Remodeling during Thyroid Hormone-Dependent Intestinal Metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis., Fu L, Hasebe T, Ishizuya-Oka A, Shi YB., Organogenesis. January 1, 2007; 3 (1): 14-9.        

Spatial growth and pattern formation in the small intestine microvascular bed from larval to adult Xenopus laevis: a scanning electron microscope study of microvascular corrosion casts., Lametschwandtner A, Lametschwandtner U, Radner Ch, Minnich B., Anat Embryol (Berl). October 1, 2006; 211 (5): 535-47.

A rapid, physiologic protocol for testing transcriptional effects of thyroid-disrupting agents in premetamorphic Xenopus tadpoles., Turque N, Palmier K, Le Mével S, Alliot C, Demeneix BA., Environ Health Perspect. November 1, 2005; 113 (11): 1588-93.          

Thyroid hormone controls the development of connections between the spinal cord and limbs during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Marsh-Armstrong N, Cai L, Brown DD., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 6, 2004; 101 (1): 165-70.          

Thyroid hormone-upregulated expression of Musashi-1 is specific for progenitor cells of the adult epithelium during amphibian gastrointestinal remodeling., Ishizuya-Oka A, Shimizu K, Sakakibara S, Okano H, Ueda S., J Cell Sci. August 1, 2003; 116 (Pt 15): 3157-64.          

Dual mechanisms governing muscle cell death in tadpole tail during amphibian metamorphosis., Nakajima K, Yaoita Y., Dev Dyn. June 1, 2003; 227 (2): 246-55.

Ontogenic emergence and localization of larval skin antigen molecule recognized by adult T cells of Xenopus laevis: Regulation by thyroid hormone during metamorphosis., Watanabe M, Ohshima M, Morohashi M, Maéno M, Izutsu Y., Dev Growth Differ. February 1, 2003; 45 (1): 77-84.        

Rod sensitivity during Xenopus development., Xiong WH, Yau KW., J Gen Physiol. December 1, 2002; 120 (6): 817-27.                    

How a highly complex three-dimensional network of blood vessels regresses: the gill blood vascular system of tadpoles of Xenopus during metamorphosis. A SEM study on microvascular corrosion casts., Minnich B, Bartel H, Lametschwandtner A., Microvasc Res. November 1, 2002; 64 (3): 425-37.

Multiple thyroid hormone-induced muscle growth and death programs during metamorphosis in Xenopus laevis., Das B, Schreiber AM, Huang H, Brown DD., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. September 17, 2002; 99 (19): 12230-5.          

Regression of blood vessels in the ventral velum of Xenopus laevis Daudin during metamorphosis: light microscopic and transmission electron microscopic study., Bartel H, Lametschwandtner A., J Anat. August 1, 2000; 197 ( Pt 2) 157-66.

Expression of the Xenopus laevis metallothionein gene during ontogeny., Durliat M, Muller JP, André M, Wegnez M., Int J Dev Biol. September 1, 1999; 43 (6): 575-8.            

Metamorphosis is inhibited in transgenic Xenopus laevis tadpoles that overexpress type III deiodinase., Huang H, Marsh-Armstrong N, Brown DD., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. February 2, 1999; 96 (3): 962-7.            

The expression pattern of thyroid hormone response genes in remodeling tadpole tissues defines distinct growth and resorption gene expression programs., Berry DL, Rose CS, Remo BF, Brown DD., Dev Biol. November 1, 1998; 203 (1): 24-35.                  

The expression pattern of thyroid hormone response genes in the tadpole tail identifies multiple resorption programs., Berry DL, Schwartzman RA, Brown DD., Dev Biol. November 1, 1998; 203 (1): 12-23.                

Metamorphosis-associated and region-specific expression of calbindin gene in the posterior intestinal epithelium of Xenopus laevis larva., Amano T, Noro N, Kawabata H, Kobayashi Y, Yoshizato K., Dev Growth Differ. April 1, 1998; 40 (2): 177-88.                

Anteroposterior gradient of epithelial transformation during amphibian intestinal remodeling: immunohistochemical detection of intestinal fatty acid-binding protein., Ishizuya-Oka A, Ueda S, Damjanovski S, Li Q, Liang VC, Shi YB, Shi YB., Dev Biol. December 1, 1997; 192 (1): 149-61.                  

Ets-1 and Ets-2 proto-oncogenes exhibit differential and restricted expression patterns during Xenopus laevis oogenesis and embryogenesis., Meyer D, Durliat M, Senan F, Wolff M, Andre M, Hourdry J, Remy P., Int J Dev Biol. August 1, 1997; 41 (4): 607-20.                                      

A set of novel tadpole specific genes expressed only in the epidermis are down-regulated by thyroid hormone during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Furlow JD, Berry DL, Wang Z, Brown DD., Dev Biol. February 15, 1997; 182 (2): 284-98.                        

Thyroid hormone regulation of germ cell-specific EF-1 alpha expression during metamorphosis of Xenopus laevis., Abdallah B, Sachs L, Hourdry J, Wegnez M, Denis H, Demeneix B, Mazabraud A., Int J Dev Biol. April 1, 1996; 40 (2): 507-14.      

Nuclear factor I as a potential regulator during postembryonic organ development., Puzianowska-Kuznicka M, Shi YB, Shi YB., J Biol Chem. March 15, 1996; 271 (11): 6273-82.                      

Regionally regulated conversion of protein expression in the skin during anuran metamorphosis., Kobayashi H, Sato H, Yoshizato K., J Exp Zool. February 15, 1996; 274 (3): 187-92.

Xenopus sonic hedgehog as a potential morphogen during embryogenesis and thyroid hormone-dependent metamorphosis., Stolow MA, Shi YB, Shi YB., Nucleic Acids Res. July 11, 1995; 23 (13): 2555-62.                  

Androgen directs sexual differentiation of laryngeal innervation in developing Xenopus laevis., Robertson JC, Watson JT, Kelley DB., J Neurobiol. December 1, 1994; 25 (12): 1625-36.

Expression of magainin antimicrobial peptide genes in the developing granular glands of Xenopus skin and induction by thyroid hormone., Reilly DS, Tomassini N, Zasloff M., Dev Biol. March 1, 1994; 162 (1): 123-33.          

Thyroid hormone-dependent regulation of the intestinal fatty acid-binding protein gene during amphibian metamorphosis., Shi YB, Shi YB, Hayes WP., Dev Biol. January 1, 1994; 161 (1): 48-58.              

Programmed cell death and heterolysis of larval epithelial cells by macrophage-like cells in the anuran small intestine in vivo and in vitro., Ishizuya-Oka A, Shimozawa A., J Morphol. August 1, 1992; 213 (2): 185-95.

Developmental and regional expression of thyroid hormone receptor genes during Xenopus metamorphosis., Kawahara A, Baker BS, Tata JR., Development. August 1, 1991; 112 (4): 933-43.            

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