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Papers associated with cardiac progenitor cell (and aurka)

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Prc1E and Kif4A control microtubule organization within and between large Xenopus egg asters., Nguyen PA., Mol Biol Cell. February 1, 2018; 29 (3): 304-316.                            

Chromosomal passenger complex hydrodynamics suggests chaperoning of the inactive state by nucleoplasmin/nucleophosmin., Hanley ML., Mol Biol Cell. June 1, 2017; 28 (11): 1444-1456.                          

Spindle-to-Cortex Communication in Cleaving Frog Eggs., Mitchison TJ., Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. January 1, 2017; 82 165-171.          

Spindle-to-cortex communication in cleaving, polyspermic Xenopus eggs., Field CM., Mol Biol Cell. October 15, 2015; 26 (20): 3628-40.                                

A novel role for TPX2 as a scaffold and co-activator protein of the Chromosomal Passenger Complex., Iyer J., Cell Signal. August 1, 2012; 24 (8): 1677-89.

Efficient identification of phosphorylation by mass spectrometric phosphopeptide fingerprinting., Woo EM., Anal Chem. April 1, 2008; 80 (7): 2419-25.

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