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Nasco will stop selling Xenopus

The number of companies that supply live Xenopus to the research community is changing, but don’t worry, you have plenty of good options!

• Xenopus Express and Xenopus1 are two trusted commercial suppliers, and there are 4 international stock centers: the EXRC (UK), NXR (USA), NBRP (Japan) and CRB (France).
• Xenopus Express and Xenopus1 are excited to work with new customers and they have capacity to cover the additional animals when Nasco closes. Please reach out to each company to ask about their frogs and their availability.
• The EXRC and NXR have the ability to increase number of their wildtype frogs for sale if necessary. Contact Marko Horb (NXR) or Matt Guile (EXRC) to discuss.

Commercial suppliers:

Xenopus 1 is based in Michigan, and supplies wild caught and lab bred X. laevis, X. tropicalis adults and tadpoles. Xenopus 1 ships internationally using Delta and United airlines direct services. Website: Contact:

Xenopus Express, based in Florida, supplies lab-bred pigmented and albino, adult tadpole and juvenile X. laevis and X tropicalis. They also carry lab bred X. muelleri and X. borealis, supply frog food for all life stages and various other aquarium/colony supplies. They ship within the USA using overnight delivery and a ‘live arrival’ guarantee.
Website: Contact: or phone: 1-800-936-6787

Nasco is based in Wisconsin and recently announced they are closing down their live Xenopus sales on March 31, 2021. They still have some adult frogs for sale – lab-bred X. laevis (pigmented and albino), X. tropicalis and X. borealis - but we do not know whether they will continue selling their frog brittle. Website: Contact: or phone: 1-920-568-5565

Stock Centers:

The NXR, in Woods Hole MA, USA, supplies mainly transgenic and inbred and mutant frogs, and some wild type frogs of X. laevis and X. tropicalis. They also provide custom mutagenesis and 'research hotel' services.
Website: Contact: Marko Horb (NXR)

The EXRC, in Portsmouth, UK, supplies mainly transgenic and inbred and mutant frogs, and has some wild type frogs for sale. They provide custom mutagenesis and 'research hotel' services and also supply the ORFeome clones and other reagents.
Website: Contact: Matt Guile (EXRC) to discuss.

The NBRP, based in Hiroshima Japan, supplies X. tropicalis inbred strains, F1 hybrids, transgenic and mutant lines. Contact: Hajime Ogino:

The CRB, based in Rennes, France, supplies live X. laevis (pigmented and albino) and X. tropicalis, as well as fresh, fixed and frozen tissues, and genomic DNA. They also provide custom mutagenesis services.
Contact: Website:

Last Updated: 2021-02-08