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Xenopus ORFeome v2

The molecular toolkit, the Xenopus ORFeome project funded by the grant, NICHD (R01 ND069352), was made available to the research community to probe the cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying many human diseases.

This resource was fully integrated, cataloged, and searchable on Xenbase (

The initial ORFeome project produced two sets of full-length, validated, open reading frame clones, for X. laevis (representing ~10,250 genes, ~7,700 with human orthologues)(Grant et al., 2015). The updated ORFeome includes X. tropicalis clones (representing ~3,970 genes, ~3,800 with human orthologues).

The details of each clone including gene symbol and name, full sequence, translation, availability, and links to the gene page and BLAST tool, and links to vendors which supply the ORFeome clone sets (James-Zorn et al., 2018) are available. Dedicated pages with supporting sequence and other data for IMAGE Consortium Xenopus Gene Collection (XGC) clones (Morin et al., 2006) are included and can be searched, filtering for only those supplied by the EXRC.


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Last Updated: 2019-01-31