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NIGMS Seeks Input on Resource Needs and Team Science

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The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) released requests for information (RFI) in April asking for input on resource needs and “team science.”

In an April 4 RFI, NIGMS requested feedback on the need for biomedical research resources, including instrumentation, reagents, software, and algorithms. NIGMS is also interested in learning about how such resources are currently supported and which factors should be included in the evaluation of resource applications and programs. The responses will assist NIGMS in assessing unmet needs and opportunities at the levels of individual laboratories, institutional facilities, and national resources. Responses should be sent via email to by June 3.

On April 11, NIGMS released an RFI seeking input on the benefits and challenges associated with “team science” and team-based research. In general, team science describes research activities that involve multiple principal investigators working collaboratively to tackle scientific inquiries that cannot be solved by a single investigator or an individual laboratory. Feedback from this RFI will be used to inform potential NIGMS activities in this area.

The team science RFI solicits feedback on six specific topics: 1) interest in team science; 2) appropriate management and advisory structures; 3) team composition; 4) resources and infrastructure necessary to support team science; 5) assessment of team science activities; and 6) feedback on prior or current team-based programs and funding mechanisms sponsored by NIGMS. Respondents are also encouraged to provide feedback and insights on additional aspects of team science not covered by these six categories. Comments should be submitted via email to and must be received by June 17.


Please advocate for Xenopus biomedical research!

Last Updated: 2016-05-19