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Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology, 3rd Meeting

3rd SPBD Meeting
7-10 October 2015
Alfamar Beach and Sport Resort

The Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology (SPBD) organizes its 3rd Meeting jointly with the Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (SEBD) and the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) in the Alfamar Beach and Sport Resort, Algarve, Portugal on 7-10 October 2015.


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Confirmed speakers |

Austin Smith (Cambridge, UK)
Kate Storey (Dundee, UK)
Cristina Pujades (Barcelona, Spain)
Leonor Saúde (Lisbon, Portugal)
Ana Carmena (Alicante, Spain)
Juan R. Martinez-Morales (Seville, Spain)
Berenika Plusa (Manchester, UK)
Sally Lowell (Edinburgh, UK)
Andrew Johnson (Nottingham, UK)
François Guillemot (London, UK)
Claudia Barros (Plymouth, UK)
Rita Sousa Nunes (London, UK)
Anna Philpott (Cambridge, UK)
Elsa Marti (Barcelona, Spain)
Rui Martinho (Faro, Portugal)
Andrew Oates (London, UK)
Rui Benedito (Madrid, Spain)
Ana Pombo (Berlin, Germany)
José Luís Gomez-Skarmeta (Seville, Spain)
Moisés Mallo (Oeiras, Portugal)   

Organizing Committee |   

Domingos Henrique (Lisbon, Portugal)
Cláudia Gaspar (Lisbon, Portugal) 
Raquel P. Andrade (Faro, Portugal)
Tatiana Resende (Porto, Portugal)
Ana Ribeiro (Lisbon, Portugal)
Cátia Laranjeira (Oeiras, Portugal)
Pedro Barbacena (Lisbon, Portugal)
Ana Raquel Jacinto (Lisbon, Portugal)

Scientific Committee |

António Jacinto (SPBD)
Domingos Henrique (SPBD)
Miguel Manzanares (SEBD)
Josh Brickman (BSDB)
Kate Storey (BSDB)

Last Updated: 2015-04-08