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2015 Gordon Research Conference on Developmental Biology

Announcing the GRC on Developmental Biology

The Patterns that Shape Our Bodies, from Cellular Organization to Transgenerational Inheritance

June 21-26, 2015 Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, MA USA 

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Connect with fellow scientists to discuss the frontiers of this scientific field in Air-Conditioned comfort (dorm, lectures, posters, dining)!

Developmental Biology lies at the crossroads of all the Life Sciences, integrating investigations at molecular, cellular, tissue and organismal levels. The 2015 Gordon Conference on Developmental Biology will present the most recent, cutting-edge research in the field. A portion of each session time has been kept uncommitted to choose speakers from abstracts submitted by the participants, particularly junior investigators. Because progress in Developmental Biology depends on cross-fertilization of ideas from complementary organisms, presentations will include studies in standard invertebrates such as Drosophila and C. elegans, classic vertebrate models including zebrafish, Xenopus and the mouse, as well as plants, non-standard animals and humans.

The detailed program will be available in early March. Please check the GRC site for updates.

Speakers and Discussion Leaders (shown in italics).  

Morphogenesis   (Roberto Mayor / Alexander Schier / Cara Gottardi / Darren Gillmour)

Epigenetic Control of Development   (Michael Levine / Bradley Cairns / Sharon Dent / Jason Lieb / Marja Timmermans)

Cellular Polarity   (Cliff Brangwynne / Kathryn Anderson / Dominique Bergmann / Jessica Feldman)

Stem Cell Biology   (Nancy Papalopulu / David Bilder / Cassandra Extavour / Judith Kimble)

Small ncRNAs in Development   (Julie Claycomb / Victor Ambros / Ann Rougvie / Scott Kennedy / Gary Rukun)

Intercellular Signaling   (Anne Brunet / Roberto Mayor / Francesca Peri / Jean-Paul Vincent)

Self Assembly Within Cells   (Jessica Feldman / Cliff Brangwynne / Vladimir Denic / John Rinn)

Transgenerational Inheritance   (Jean-Paul Vincent / Anne Brunet / Julie Claycomb / Oliver Rando)

Transcription and Patterning   (Vladimir Denic / Michael Levine / Nancy Papalopulu / Susan Mango)


Last Updated: 2015-03-03