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Welcome to the new Xenbase

In response to community feedback, we have developed a new homepage and expanded our community announcements section. We are now spotlighting new high-impact Xenopus research articles.

Explore our great new features:

New features are marked "new" on the Xenbase homepage, updated features are marked with a checkmark.

   - Antibody Database - search through 500+ curated antibody reagents known to work in Xenopus
   - X. laevis Genome v 7.1 pre-release - the allotetraploid genome is now incorporated into our Gbrowse
   - Improved Genome Browser - the latest version (2.55) has several bug fixes, is running reliably on new machines, and has several new features:

         - zoom in to 100bp to see the DNA sequence
         - faster, cleaner interface with many optional tracks
         - download snapshots as png's or send to others as a link
         - download track data in gff3, fasta, or GenBank format for selected regions, entire scaffold, or entire track across the genome.
         - faster response

   - Faster BLAST Server

   - Expanded community announcements and resources

   - New miRNA expression wiki from the Wheeler lab.

   - New Morpholino Wiki listing 300+ published MOs.

   - Spotlight on new high-impact Xenopus research articles.


Continue to use Xenbase to find:

   - X. tropicalis and X. laevis genomic and epigenomic data– we host 15,000+ individual gene pages

   - Gene expression patterns from literature and mass screens, including comparative expression levels between X. laevis and X. tropicalis

   - Xenopus developmental timing and anatomy descriptions

   - NF stage images

   - Suppliers of animals for your research

   - Comprehensive library of over 47,500 Xenopus research articles

   - Updated Xenopus laboratory protocols and reagents

   - Links to Xenopus stock centers: the EXRC (UK), the NXR (USA), the CRB (France), and the NBRP (Japan)

   - Contact information for Xenopus researchers and labs

   - Job postings: from graduate studentships to Professor and Research Scientist positions, in academia and industry.

We encourage users to provide comments and feedback to help improve our service to advance your research!


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Last Updated: 2013-08-01